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I hand-cut every single piece of fabric using nothing but bare hands and scissors. I design (almost) unique cuts, there are in total a few thousands articles produced in limited edition – you can see each article progressive number printed on its label.
When I was in London in 2005 I decided to start Individuals following my aspiration: I wanted to tell the world all the variety of the people and to communicate how they transform. I keep for me the best part, that is the initial cut. This is why my collections are not industrial products, as factories need homogeneous pieces to be crafted through machines which I don’t want to use instead.

Carlo Galli bio

At the beginning I used to design ties and foulards, then I had worked for Italian brand Ferrè as consultant assistant of underwear and beachwear lines – both men and women. It helped me to learn the assets of stretchable wearability and, at the same time, I understood the limits of factory production.My experience in London took place first in Portobello Road and Brik Lane crafts markets. There were lots of tourist of all nationalities walking by and stopping at my stand. I could see how clothes are related to cultural approach, as every person has a private relationship with his/her own body and hence with underwear and bikini, that are the most sensitive one.
Individuals has five lines (bikini, underwear, kid, maschio and bags), that reflect my envision about the uniqueness of people. I aim to create single pieces satisfying the desires and rendering the dreams of my costumers.

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